Jessica Vares needs a living liver donor… Can you save a life?
A 23-Year-old beauty from Maui, Jessica Vares, was born with an abnormality that  lead to liver failure. When she was just a baby, she received a new liver. Now, the doctors say her liver is failing again and needs another one.  Imagine if you or your loved one needed a life saving-transplant, you would pray for a stranger to save a life. Giving a piece of your liver is a big deal. This act of courage is not for everyone and it could be the reason you are here on this planet… Would you consider saving a life and donating a piece of your liver? 

Here are some facts about living liver donation, the tests to see if you’re a compatible donor include blood work, mammogram, echocardiogram, colonoscopy (over 50) and psychological testing.  Typically a living liver donor spends one week in hospital after surgery, the other person’s insurance pays for the medical expenses and the recovery time is between 6-8 weeks.  And your liver regenerates and grows back to its initial size after 6-8 weeks.  If you’d like to find out more about getting tested to save Jessica go to:  To support the family in other ways go to: Save 1 Person. Save The World.